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White Fillings/Veneers

materials otherwise known as 'composite' or 'glass ionomer' are different to silver fillings, as they stick to the teeth, enabling them to be used to repair teeth that have been chipped, broken, decayed and discoloured as well as having the distinct advantage of being extremely cosmetically pleasing on anterior teeth. A tooth that is going to have a white filling requires less preparation compared to a silver filling. However, white fillings are not as strong as silver fillings, which means that they may not be suitable for large fillings in back teeth.

Before a white filling is placed, you dentist will select the correct shade of composite or white filling material from the wide range we have available. Selecting the correct shade is an art that our dentists have mastered through years of experience. Using state of the art bonding adhesives, the composite material is stuck to the tooth and moulded to look natural and as invisible as possible. The results can be quite staggering, just take a look at the photograph below!

Smile With Pride uses one of the latest systems in composite technology known as Gradia. We are proud to have had Dr Jayendra Patel recently complete a Gradia Composite Training Course in Belgium allowing him to provide Gradia Composite restorations of the highest technical and aesthetic quality to our patients.



are wafer-thin laminates or shells of tooth-coloured material (porcelain, ceramic or composite bonding material) that are cemented to the front surface of the teeth to improve their cosmetic appearance. Think of veneers in the same way you would think of false fingernails. Veneers work in exactly the same way - in a quick, painless and straightforward procedure they are bonded to the front of your existing teeth, leaving you with a smile that is simply perfect.

Colour change in teeth in a natural process. Just like your face ages so do your teeth and it is normal for teeth to gradually change colour over time. Teeth are prone to picking up stains from the food and drink we consume, for example tea, coffee, food additives and smoking can cause staining. Teeth can undergo nerve death or undergo trauma which can change their colour and for some of us, unfortunately we are simply born with discoloured teeth through no fault of our own. When simple treatment such as teeth cleaning or whitening does not work to remove the stains, veneers can be considered in order to mask the existing hard to remove stains and imperfections.

Appearance is becoming more important than ever before. If you suffer from crooked teeth they really can be very problematic. Dental veneers provide the answer when it comes to problems like crooked teeth. Although dental veneers may not be the first choice for crooked teeth (with correction taking up to a year, or longer with orthodontic braces) for teeth that are not overly crooked, dental veneers can be placed over the front of of crooked tooth to give a straight appearance.

The spaces and gaps between your teeth create the balance in your smile and uneven gaps can spoil otherwise perfect teeth. If you have an uneven gap between your teeth it can affect your confidence when smiling and laughing. Veneers solve this problem by completely closing all the gaps between your teeth.

Here at Smile with Pride, our dental team have taken an interest in cosmetic dentistry and have undergone a number of postgraduate courses which make them excellent at assessing your smile and deciding, with your input, what can or can not be done to make your smile that much more perfect.


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