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COVID-19 Safety Protocol

Please read the safety protocol below so you know what to expect from your appointment. 


  1. Please DO NOT attend the practice UNANNOUNCED as we have limited capacity. We will only see patients who have a pre-booked appointment.

  2. Please inform us if you are going to be late. Appointments have been planned to ensure social distancing and attending late may result in your appointment being rescheduled. 

  3. Please try and wear a MASK to your appointment. 

  4. Please attend appointment ALONE unless they are absolutely necessary e.g. a parent/guardian of a child. 

  5. Attend 5 minutes EARLY for your appointment and wait outside the practice. There will be NO waiting area available. 

  6. Please CALL US when you arrive and you will be given instructions.

  7. We will take your TEMPERATURE when you arrive and ask you a series of screening questions. 

  8. There will be no lavatory facilities available at this time.

  9. You will be asked to WASH your hands and use hand sanitiser inside the building. 

  10. Maintain 2 METERS social distance from all persons inside the practice. 

  11. Please complete forms ONLINE (reception will tell you how) if possible. Please bring your own pen to your appointment. 

  12. Please note that we will accept card payments ONLY. Cash will be declined.

  13. All our staff will be wearing PPE and may appear differently to how you are used to seeing them.


Our online booking service will continue to be DEACTIVATED to allow us to manage social distancing within the practice. 


Thank you for your cooperation and patience. These measures are designed to keep our patients and staff safe. 

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