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Dental Pain

Dental pain can often be tremendously painful and in some cases detrimental to our daily lives and overall health.

We strive to be both flexible and accommodating when offering our patients prompt emergency appointments.

Where possible, please contact our reception on 020 8854 0726 before 10am on weekdays and we will try and see you the same day.

If you require urgent advice or treatment outside of our opening hours please contact NHS Direct on 0800 46 47 or on 0208 299 5509.

We would advise patients begin taking painkillers such as paracetemol or ibuprofen when in pain. Please check with either your doctor, pharmacist or by calling us before taking painkillers as in some cases they may not be recommended for patients with other health issues or they may interact with medications you are already taking.

Please do not take antibiotics without consulting a medical health professional.

Our dental staff are very well trained in the management of emergency patients in pain and will do their best to help you ASAP.

During open hours, please call us if you develop a facial swelling, high temperature, sickness, difficulty opening your mouth or difficulty breathing or swallowing. If we are closed please go directly to or contact your local A&E facility.


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