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Sony Shrestha

Sony Shrestha

Sony Shrestha

Practice Manager and Business Development Consultant

Sony is Smile with Pride Dental Care’s lifeline. She has helped develop and grow the practice into what it is today – a place where our patients can be treated effectively, efficiently and to the highest possible standards.

She began her career as a dental nurse in 2010 and obtained National Certificate in Dental Nursing (NEBDN) in 2011. She went on toachieve BA(Hons) in BusinessManagement from the Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2016and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of West of Scotland in 2017.

She has been part of Smile with Pride for over 10 years and although she does not do much nursing nowadays, she particularly enjoys assisting with the placement of dental implants.

Outside of work her hobbies include a love for listening music (and singing along) and travelling with her family.

Our incredible nurses

Smile with Pride values our nurses tremendously. They are the life and soul of the practice and help it run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Suchita, Sadaf, Alisha and Supani are all experienced nurses and boast excellent communication skills, attention to detail and teamwork which makes Smile with Pride a friendly and relaxing place to be.

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