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Replacing Teeth

There are a number of ways in which a tooth or teeth can be replaced. Fixed and removable appliances can be designed and made by our team of dentists and expert lab technicians to give you the most comfortable, aesthetic and natural prosthesis possible.


Please see our dedicated dental implants page.


A bridge is a dental restoration, which is fixed into your mouth and is used to replace a single missing tooth or even multiple teeth by using neighboring/adjacent teeth for support. Fake/prosthetic teeth are fixed to an adjacent tooth or teeth using dental cements. Can be designed in a number of ways which will be discussed fully with you by our team of dentists. Replacing missing teeth in this way is effective for the way to improve your aesthetics and function.


A denture is a great way of replacing multiple missing teeth throughout your mouth. They can be made out of plastic acrylic which is usually quick and easy to make and wear or our of cobalt chrome metal which gives the advantages of a better fit and light weight feeling when in your mouth. Dentures do have to be removed at night for cleaning and storage and your dentist will give you all the hygiene and safe use information you need. When made well, wearing dentures can be as normal and comfortable as putting on clothes!

Do not hesitate to talk to your dentist about all these options before choosing what you feel is right for you!

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