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Smile Makeovers

If you are unhappy with the way your smile looks, you may be considering cosmetic dental treatment to improve the look of your teeth. There are a wide range of cosmetic treatments available at our practice, with something to suit every patient's needs and budget. For patients who are interested in cosmetic dentistry but are not sure which treatment best suits their needs, we provide smile makeovers.

Smile makeovers make use of the latest technology to assess your smile and work out which treatments will work best to give you the smile of your dreams.

You may be looking for a quick brightness boost in preparation for a special occasion such as a wedding or important business meeting, in which case tooth whitening may give you the smile you've always wanted. Alternatively, if your teeth are gappy, crooked or cracked, we may recommend porcelain veneers, composite bonding or discreet orthodontic treatment.

Once we've established what you want to achieve, we'll use photographs, x-rays and in some cases models to show you what we can do, and discuss the best treatments for your individual case.


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How does it work?

SmileFast uses revolutionary digital smile design to provide you with predictable, long lasting and above all superbly aesthetic composite restorations to transform your smile. 

Stage 1 - Assessment, scans and photographs

Stage 2 - Trial smile - see your proposed smile before we proceed

Stage 3 - Smile makeover - using our agreed design we place the composite veneers in a simple and predictable way to give the best results

What are the benefits?

Composite bonding is safe, gives excellent results,and is less damaging to teeth and cheaper than porcelain veneers. 

Bonding can be used for a number of reasons with excellent results including 

- closing spaces

- improving the shape, colour and texture

- restoring worn or aged teeth

- crowded teeth 

- small teeth

- acid erosion

How much does it cost?


Here at Smile with Pride Dental Care, the breakdown of the costs for SmileFast is as follows:

For 4 teeth, the cost is £1500 - 1800

For 6 teeth, the cost is £2000 - 2500

For 8 teeth, the cost starts from £3000

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